Brand Alfa

Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1 is a single-side bonding and pre-compressed foam tape and meets BG1 according to DIN 18542.
Alfa Joint Sealing Tape BG1 complies with the building material class B1 (hardly inflammable) and is used for the driving rain-proof (600 Pa) and UV-resistant sealing of connection joints and gaps.
Application areas: window construction, facade construction, roof construction, building construction, timber construction, metal construction, container construction. This high-grade sealing tape made of impregnated PU-Foam material is open to vapor diffusion and perfectly balances building activities.

Item-No.     max. expansion width
542 1003 = 08-13 mm
542 1504 = 14-20 mm
542 2008 = 32-38 mm


  • Tested by MPA Bau Hannover (Nr: P-NDS04-770
  • BG1 according to DIN 18542
  • Driving rain proof (600 Pa) AN1027
  • Flame retardant B1
  • For interior and exterior use



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