Brand Alfa

Vapour impermeable connection joints for doors and windows

Alfa FULTRA-i POWER is a vapour retarding window membrane for the fast and airtight sealing of interior connection joints at doors and windows. Thanks to the adhesive-covered underside and the silicone paper which is parted in the middle, the application of this sealing tape is very easy and can be finished in a short time. Additional adhesive is not necessary. The self-adhesive strip on the upperside of the tape bonds to all kinds of window and door frames. The tape is particularly elastic, which means it can accomodate structural movement without any difficulties.

With Alfa FULTRA-i POWER, windows will not be soiled because no liquid adhesive is needed for the application. The combination of 641 Alfa FULTRA-i POWER on the inside and 642 Alfa FULTRA-a POWER on the outside creates a professional regulating system which prevents moisture from penetrating into the insulation.


  • No additional adhesive needed
  • Vapour retardant
  • Allows structural movement
  • In accordance with RAL and DIN 4108-7
  • Upperside: adhesive strip along one side, lower side: entirely covered with adhesive
  • Can be painted & plastered over
  • Extremely elastic
  • Suitable for low temperatures
  • Only for interior use

Roll Dimensions

  • 70mm x 40m
  • 100mm x 40m
  • 150mm x 40m



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