Drawer Pulls: 4 Popular Pieces

drawer pulls

Drawer pulls, when done right, can accentuate the look and feel of a space. At Proline Hardware, we have created a selection from the very best in unique and styled drawer pulls from respected creators including Heritage Brass and From the Anvil. As with many of our other designs, some are hand made by master blacksmiths, which means some of our items are completely unique. For other pieces, we find the perfect balance between style and economy.

drawer pulls

We look at some from our range here with various finishes to suit different spaces and styles. All of our styles’ measurements are presented in the order of Length, Height and Projection. Also known as Cabinet Pulls, these styles come in both minimalist and modern ornamentation, using styles that include piercing, embossing, and more.

Drawer Pulls: The C1700

The C1700 comes in 97 x 43 x 18 and comes with all fixings and fasteners included. Created by Heritage Brass and coming in all eight of their signature finishes, this is a simple yet elegant design to match many spaces.


Coming in at 112 Length and 21 Projection, the C2762 is available in various finishes which include Antique Brass, Matt Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel. The C7264 is similar but with the following dimensions: 112 Length x 57 CTC x 21 Projection.

The C2768

The C2768 comes in a beautiful, unique design that will work with a classic Art Deco style or a more modern finish. In all the standard finishes, its dimensions are 104 length x 89 CTC x 33 Projection.

The C2766

This is a simpler, oblong design. It includes all the necessary pieces for setup and comes with the following dimensions:

Length 145/ 221 CTC 76/96/152/178
Projection 22.

If you have a specific design in mind that isn’t in this list, you are welcome to contact us. We may be able to help you source what you’re looking for. Find out more about our large array of items, most of which are available to order in bulk. We also have a selection of locks, bolts and catches and other fittings and accessories suitable for any space. For further information reach out to us today on 01 4536 633.

Styled Cabinet Knobs

Styled Cabinet Knobs

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a space, and our speciality is sourcing hand-crafted and styled cabinet knobs and other door furniture that can leave an impression.

Of course, you’ll find cabinets throughout your household. And it doesn’t matter what the style is; it could be a rebuild, refurbish, or a brand new modern open-plan design; your bathroom cupboard or brand new kitchen can gain a touch of class through hand-crafted ironmongery with exquisite detailing.

Styled Cabinet Knobs

From the Anvil provide a range of incredible designs. Their Bun Mortice design which can combine polished brass on the plate with ebony on the pull makes a striking contrast that can look genuinely striking in the right space.

They also provide a similar style with a completely different finish; the Beehive Mortice is available with an aged bronze finish that looks incredible. It is reeded, with a beautiful contrast between the outer edges and those within the bevels. As the bronze ages, the colours become deeper and richer. The beehive mortice design is also available (and striking) in aged brass, polished chrome and polished nickel.

For example, in our range is this gorgeous iron cabinet knob by Frelan Hardware. It had a unique finish, as though its shape was created under the impact of a blacksmith’s hammer. Elegant in its simplicity, these look well in anything from a classic to a modern space.

Styled Cabinet Knobs

Another essential style is achieved in this reeded cabinet knob by Heritage Brass. Available in eight different finishes including polished brass and chrome. These have smoothe extrusion with reeds on the surrounding ring and handle.

This Venetian knob, also by Heritage Brass, has the reeded effect on the outer area but with a smooth flat finish on its outward-facing facade to create a retro-futuristic effect that looks beautiful in many spaces.

There is also this hand-beaten effect which looks as well as one hand-crafted by a master blacksmith. Available in Heritage Brass’ standard range of finishes, it looks especially striking in matt bronze for that hammered smithy look that can look striking in any bedroom or kitchen.

If this overview doesn’t mention an item you’re looking for; we invite you to view our full range of styled cabinet knobs or contact us today on 01-453 6633.

Hardware For Cabinets

hardware for cabinets

Choosing hardware for cabinets can be tricky. It’s essential to get the right finish that matches the rest of the space. When it’s a space where we’ll spend most of our time with coworkers, family, and friends, we must create a finish we’re truly satisfied with. We provide a full range of high-quality cabinet hardware.

Choosing Hardware for Cabinets

It’s often preferable to go with quality products that will last a lifetime, provide pleasure through aesthetics, and subtly add to the overall look and feel of the space.

We provide a range of items which we have selected based on customer feedback and experiences. We ensure our range meets the highest standard, and we avoid the common pitfalls that haunt the market.

If you’re looking at a particular selection, but you’re unsure, we can offer advice so that you can be sure a product is suitable for your project, but that their purchase decision is always cost-effective and ideal for the particular project and that will offer a lifetime of value to our valued clients.

Hardware for Cabinets: Knobs

hardware for cabinets

We have a full range of cabinet knobs in various finishes to suit many types of spaces. Most of our items are by the renowned Heritage Brass. These come in several finishes, including Antique Brass, Matt Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel.

Cabinet Drops

Our range of cabinet drops is great for cabinets, drawers, furniture, and more. Our range includes both classic and modern designs. For example, the ‘Square Drop Pull,’ which can look stunning in the right environment. This comes in all standard finishes. The Square Drop Pull is sized at 50 x 50. For a more antique finish, the Ornate Design Cabinet Pull can set the tone of a space.

Cabinet Pulls

We have a large selection of cabinet pulls, with a range of styles and finishes that can cover most spaces and situations. With modern designs such as the C4520 to a more glamorous look, like the C2533.

If you would like advice about your specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be glad to provide further information on any items you may be looking at (or looking for).

Choosing a Door Latch that matches your space

door latch that matches your space

Choosing a door latch can be straightforward for basic builds, or it can be difficult when you’re aiming to provide a quality finish where all the small touches have been considered. We have a full range of quality latches designed to enhance your architectural decisions. Our latches use robust, beautiful materials that last and impress. Here are three types of door latches to consider for your space

Choosing a Door Latch: The JL-HDT

This high-quality door latch is available in three sizes: 63mm, 76mm and 102mm. The mechanism was stress tested for 200,000 cycles without issue, and has also been fire tested to 30 and 60 minutes. (Certifications include Certifire CF5423, CE, and EN 12209)

You can get the JL-HDT in many finishes, including Antique Brass, Polished Stainless Steel, PVD Brass and SSS Satin. This door latch comes with radius and square forends. It includes a nylon insert and solid brass latch. This model is suitable for bolt-through fittings.

door latch

The JL6666

The JL6666 is a tabular door latch for internal doors where you do not need a lock. It is available in three industry-standard sizes and two finishes (Electro Brass and Satin Stainless Steel). If you’re unsure which size is best, here’s on way to find out. Measure your door from its edge to the centre of its door stile, then choose the model that’s closest to this measurement.


The 51.01 comes in 65mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes. You can get this latch’s forends and strikes in an Evershine Brass finish. Evershine Brass keeps its colour for 10 years. It is also available in Satin or Polished stainless steel. The forends include a protective removable film to prevent scratching before installation. As it has a light spring, it works well with sprung lever furniture and is compatible with bolt-through door furniture (30mm-40mm centres). Designed for a light touch, it fits a 25mm diameter hole, and its latch bold withdraws fully with a 25-30 degree depression of the handle.

View our full range of high-quality, architecturally-minded door latches. If you need help or advice in choosing a door latch, contact us on 01–4536633

What Are Drawer Pulls

what are drawer pulls

What are drawer pulls exactly? As an industry that has evolved over centuries in multiple continents, there tends to be various words and terms for the same thing. Drawer pulls are also known as cabinet pulls in Ireland. As with most door furniture, they come in a vast array of shapes and sizes.

What are drawer pulls built with?

As you would expect, a drawer pull is composed of a handle and also a plate which you must attach to it. The handle is typically suspended from one or two hinges or mounts to form what is referred to as a “drop drawer pull”.

You’ll often find the handle attached to the plate using rivets. This naturally makes the functioning more ‘fixed’ as there are no hinges, but it gives it a different finish and depending on the location and function may allow it to be more robust.

Most of our line use rivets, such as the C0376 by Heritage Brass. As with most of our cabinet pulls, this one comes in bronze, brass, nickel. And each metal comes in a matt, satin or polished finish so there are always plenty of options available for your space.

As with other door furniture, designers tend to ornament the drawer pull. Our products come in various finishes and styles which included piercing, embossing and other techniques. We generally don’t carry extravagant designs, opting for more minimalist and modern ornamentation. However, if you have a specific design in mind we can often source what you are looking for and order in bulk when needed.

How Are They Designed?

what are drawer pulls

As with other door furniture, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether round handles, irregular shapes made by forge (often hand-crafted in our case). They also come in rectangular and ovular designs. The point is to offer variety so that you can find a piece that matches the style and finish of the space.

For example the “Chameleon 1” drawer pull range, which comes in a 183mm length. The Chameleon has an array of bright primary colours such as orange, red blue and green ad is aptly named for its variety and ability to blend in to certain environments. Another example is the “Christallo” range, which comes in multiple semi-translucent crystal finishes (length 182mm).

We hope this answers your query. But if you have any other questions or you’re looking to source a specific item, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cabinet Knobs

cabinet knobs

Our full range of cabinet knobs provide a subtle touch that can change the accent of a living space. Getting the right finish on your cabinet doors can make all the difference. At Proline Hardware, we provide the finest, high-quality ironmongery. Here are a few from our selection.

Cabinet Knobs with Porcelain Base

We provide porcelain-based cabinet knobs with a cream, white crackle, plain white and gold finish. Produced by Heritage Brass, these are solid, built to last and built to leave an impression.
Sizes available: 7032- 32mm, 7038- 38mm

Backplate Cabinet Knobs

C3074 Cabinet Knob Round/Backplate Design comes in eight different finishes, including Satin Chrome and Polished Brass. The backplate provides a more impactful finish and can subtly alter the living space.

Backplate Dimensions 162
Other Dimensions 32 diametre / 32 projection
Box Contains 1 Cabinet Knob and includes fixing screws and fasteners

The C3072 Oval Cabinet Knob also has a backplate and comes in the same dimensions and same finishes, but the pull handle is a slightly different shape.

cabinet knobs

Mushroom-Design Knobs

This simpler design looks great in antique brass and is available in seven other finishes, including Satin Nickel and Matt Bronze.

Product Dimensions:

15 Base / 32 Max Diameter / 29 Projection
The Box Contains one Cabinet Knob and includes fixing screws and fasteners

Square Stepped Versus Round Stepped Knobs

The C3672 Square Stepped Knob Design comes in the standard eight finishes. This has very slightly larger dimensions than its Round Stepped equivalent. The square-stepped design can gove an almost 80s retro feel to a space.

Product Dimensions 17 / 32 / 25
(Base / Knob Diameter / Projection)

The round stepped knob comes in slightly smaller at 16 / 32 / 24 and comes with everything needed for fitting.

We also have other designs, such as a reeded finish (V973) that is similar in appearance to a beehive. As well as a full range of more modern finishes that look great in a more minimalist space.

If you’d like to view our full range of cabinet knobs, or you’re looking for advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01 453 6633

Toilet Cubicle Fittings

toilet cubicle fittings

The Proline range of toilet cubicle fittings includes everything you efficiently produce high-quality, made-to-measure cubicles that will comply with regulations and provide a robust, long-lasting finish. Our focus is on providing high quality, beautiful hardware that meet standards and will endure years of wear and tear even in high-traffic environments.

Toilet Cubicle Fittings That Are Built to Standards

As you know, regulations require toilet cubicles have at least 45 centimetres of manoeuvring space within the closed cubicle. The bolts must be operable even with a closed fist, and all doors must have emergency access in case a door is blocked by a user becomes trapped due to a medical emergency. Every enlarged cubicle requires a minimum width of 1.2 metres and also must include an outward opening door.

Our toilet cubicle hardware packs are built to regulation, provide a superb finish while offering durability.

The T200 Indicator Bolt

The T200 indicator bolt is suitable for 13mm and 20mm boards. It uses a simple Red-White colour system to indicate vacancy. The bolt is concealed using the supplied fixings. The keep needs to be ordered separately. The bolt comes in either polished stainless steel or satin stainless steel.

Toilet Cubicle Fittings Pack

Our toilet cubicle fittings packs are available in 13mm, 18mm and 20mm board thicknesses.

Each Pack Contains:

Six Individual Aluminium U-Brackets
One Adjustable Height Foot Support
One Loop Handle Sliding Indicator Bolt
One Pair of Lift-Off Aluminium Gravity Hinges

We currently have fittings available in an SAA Finish (Satin Anodised Aluminium) The fittings packs include a toilet cubicle bolt, one adjustable leg, one pair of hinges, and a total of six aluminium U-brackets for each cubicle. To avoid delays or hold-ups, we aim to deliver equipment before schedule and in pristine condition. If you require a larger order, contact us as there may be discounts available.

If this standard pack does not meet the needs for your current project, we may be able to source more suitable hardware. If you have any questions regarding our toilet cubicle fittings, or if you are looking to buy in bulk or you have more specific requirements, please call our sales team on 01-4536633.

What Are Door Latches

A door latch is often invisible until it fails. At proline hardware, we provide high-quality, durable, and beautiful hardware that is designed to enhance the look of the space without sacrificing longevity. Our door latches have passed various safety and durability compliance tests. Below are a few of from our range. You can also view our full range of high-quality, architecturally-minded door latches.

AR911 Door Latch

The AR900 series door latch has a 60-millimetre backset and 72-millimetre centres. The lock case was successfully fire tested using an intumescent kit and was successfully fired tested to BS EN 1634 Standards.

Its forend has a fixed radius (an 80-millimetre backset is also available for this model). Part 1: Assessed for use on 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes timber and 240 minutes steel fire doors.

Please note: the supply and fitting of this intumescent kit are essential in order to maintain compliance for its fire test and CE markings.

JL-HDT Heavy Duty Tabular Door Latch

The JL-HDT is durable, having been tested to two hundred thousand cycles.

It’s available in 63 millimetres, 76 millimetres and 102-millimetre versions. It has an 8mm follower and is compatible with bolt-through fittings.

Certifire tested- CF5423.
CE certified. EN 12209.

The JL-HDT comes in various finishes with either radiused or squared forends. Each comes complete with a nylon insert and a solid brass latch.

51.03 Upright Latch

The 51.03 door latch is light duty making it most suitable in homes, apartments and other domestic environments. This Latch bolt will withdraw fully with a slight depression of the lever handle.

It has been tested for fire doors to EN1634-1 Standard

It’s available in three case sizes:
65 millimetre, 75 millimetres and 100 millimetres.

The 51.03’s forends are supplied with a protective removable film. It has a guided latch bolt made from solid brass. Its strike plate is adjustable which means you can set it up to prevent door leaf rattle. It uses a patented Bolt Reverse Mechanism. Being lightly sprung, it’s suitable for sprung lever furniture. It incorporates a vertical bolt-thru position at 21.5mm centres from six o’clock. The forends and strikers are replaceable and both are available either square or rounded. Suitable for use on fire doors.

51.01 Tabular Latch

The Tabular Door Latch includes a black nylon box keep which can be fitted behind the striker. As it’s lightly sprung, it’s suitable for sprung lever furniture and will withdraw fully with a slight depression of the lever handle.

It has a guided latch bolt made with solid brass.

Each tabular latch is individually poly-bagged, with appropriate fixing screws.
It’s supplied with a protective removable film. The 51.01 fits comfortably into a 25mm diameter hole. It’s suitable for bolt-thru door furniture ranging in sizes from 30mm to 40mm centres.

To view the rest of our door latches, please view our full listings, plans and specifications here.

Why Choose Internal Door Knobs instead of Handles?

Why Choose Internal Door Knobs instead of Handles?

This is a question that is most likely asked by many who undertake a building refurbishment or indeed a new build.

At the outset it should be stated that the concept of a door knob has been around for millennia – an awful lot longer than the more recent door handles – of which there are many on the market nowadays also.

Door knobs come is such a huge selection of design options including a choice of shapes such as round, octagonal, square and oval.

Shape aside the selection of finishes available in the door knob range is quite extensive, and in this way there is most certainly a door knob style to suit every design and styling requirement associated with a building remodel or build.

One of the more modern style options for Door Knobs are coloured crystal and glass options that can look very stylish in newer brighter home designs.

Discerning clients with an eye on the more traditional look might be tempted by the marble options available

Of course the ever-popular brass, copper and chrome finishes are always in stock at Proline Hardware, and our customer representatives are always happy to give advice on what option would suit a particular application best.

Customers are also generously served from a style perspective when choosing their door knobs – as we offer a range that includes mushroom shaped door knobs; beehive designs that look simply amazing in older properties that would have been fitted with door knobs from day one in any case.

Our regency design is always popular with our customers as they gives a truly classy look in door furniture and blend in really well in older and indeed more modern properties.

One of the styles that is going down a treat with customer is the flower design door knob which is particularly popular and that gives a really stylish finish at all times.

Door handles, on the other hand, do not look as stylish when fitted in older period properties in particular, and they can be a little cumbersome in the way that loose clothing can sometimes get caught in them.

Door handles, principally because they have more moving parts, require more maintenance as springs can fail from time to time unlike the more hardy door knob that does not break as easily. Although our door handles are top quality and maintenance is very low on them as well.

In summary, the choice is yours when it comes to choosing the door furniture for your remodelled home or new build. However, do take a little time to consider the pros and cons as outlined above and then you will be in a position to make the right choice so that your property will look truly outstanding once you complete the addition of door furniture.

If at any time you are still unsure about the best choice for your project, then be sure to contact us at Proline Hardware and we will be more than happy to give you the benefit of our considerable experience to help you make the best choice for your property.

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

Are you thinking about freshening up or remodelling your kitchen without actually replacing it?

If so, we’ve got some sound advice for you regarding your choice of kitchen cabinet hardware for you to consider before you spend your hard earned cash on any new kitchen hardware items.

At Proline we like to think we spoil our customers with the product choice we offer, and of course, we are there to help with any questions you may have at any time.

However, it is always best if customers have an idea of the hardware they think would work best for their kitchen – it is you who will be living with the items, and who will need to be comfortable with your product choice on a day-to-day basis.

Depending on your actual style of kitchen, you can choose hardware to compliment or to contrast with your kitchen, both of which will work well, and the choice depends entirely on your own personal preference.

In this context, we offer our customers a choice between bar pull, drawer pull and cabinet knob finishes – and your choice will depend on which item you feel will fit best into your new kitchen design.

Choosing between a modern look – where the slimline bar pull looks really effective, or a more traditional look that oftentimes suits the drawer pull hardware style, or maybe you prefer a natural timber finish where the cabinet knobs work seamlessly!

Once you have chosen the hardware style you prefer, you then have the job of choosing the finish that you feel will best suit your new look kitchen.

In this regard, we offer a wide choice of finishes so that they can feel confident that their choice of hardware finish will really compliment their own taste.

Heritage Brass is always popular and gives a timeless finish to any kitchen.

More discerning customers often choose a matt bronze finish – and this look works really well with kitchens with a white, off white or cream finish – the contrast can be really classy.

If you are looking for something a little more chic, then perhaps a choice between our polished chrome or polished nickel hardware might be just what you are looking for.

The most important point is for you to know that at Proline Hardware we can supply the hardware finish to suit every need and taste, and given the quality of our products, we are confident that our customers will enjoy a lifetime of value and style when they choose a Proline Hardware product for their kitchen revamp.

Do Fire Doors Need To Be Self Closing?

Do Fire Doors Need To Be Self Closing?

We live in an era of consciousness when it comes to matters relating to health and safety – and not before time you might say.

In years gone by simple safety precautions would surely have saved many a life, and this applies particularly to fires that break out within buildings.

Not only do these fires cause a huge amount of material damage, but they have also been responsible for much loss of life.

All new commercial buildings and three Storey Residential Dwellings must now include the construction of fire escape routes that must be isolated and protected by the use of fire doors all tested to relevant European Standards.

To quote from the relevant legislation “A fire door is a door or shutter, provided for the passage of persons, air or objects which together with its frame and furniture as installed in a building is intended when closed to resist the passage of fire and/or gaseous products of combustion, and is capable of meeting specified performance criteria to those ends.”

“The performance of a fire door critically depends on the correct installation of the complete door assembly, strictly in accordance with the terms of the relevant test certification supplied by the door manufacturer.”

In understanding the above, it goes without saying that all fire doors must be fitted with automatic self- closing devices that will then protect the fire escape areas – and more importantly, any people trying to escape through them – from the onset of the fire, and give them a more than reasonable chance of escaping from the building without being caught in the fire itself.

In high-rise buildings it should be remembered that all floors will have fire doors leading to the fire escape areas, and it would be extremely dangerous if any of these doors were to be left ajar for any prolonged period of time, and this situation could have a very negative impact on foot traffic moving between floors through the fire escape channel.

Therefore, it is imperative that all fire doors are constructed in accordance with fire regulations and fitted with certified closing devices that will ensure they close efficiently and effectively at all times, but most particularly in an emergency situation.

At Proline Hardware we carry an extensive range of fittings to facilitate the self-closing of fire doors, these include surface mounted Door Closers from Basic Certified Models right through to Cam Action High End Door Closers,   Floor Spring Door Closers and Concealed Door Closing devices  together with electromagnetic  door closers all of which are designed to protect people and buildings should the need arise.

Our advice to all of our clients is to take the time to evaluate the different types of door closers available so that you can fit the units that best suit your specific business or construction needs onto your fire doors bearing in mind the regulatory requirements as they apply to specific areas within buildings and indeed to buildings of different heights so that safety remains paramount at all times, so that in the Event of an emergency or a fire breaking out, everyone can exit the buildings safely.

Why Choose A Dedicated Trade Hardware Supplier

Why Choose A Dedicated Trade Hardware Supplier

Why Choose A Dedicated Trade Hardware SupplierWhen you stop to think about it, you soon realise that investment in the design, look and feel of your home or your business is one of the most important investments that any of us make during our lifetimes.

These are the places where you most likely spend most of your time with your family or work colleagues, and therefore it is very important that you take the time to carefully consider the materials used to enhance this look and feel over the long term.

It is not always the best advice to go for the most affordable product on the market, and consideration should be given to usage, materials and the reputation of the manufacturer and retailer.

From the outset, it is best to choose quality products that will give a lifetime of use and be pleasing aesthetically, and that will add subtly to the overall look and feel of your premises.

This is why choosing a dedicated trade hardware supplier is so important from the outset.

A good trade hardware supplier, such as the team at Proline Architectural Hardware, can offer professional advice that will save you time and money over the longer term.

This advice is based on many years of working with architects and interior designers, and indeed using the feedback that these professionals, and indeed a long list of regular customers, have given to the team at Proline Architectural Hardware guarantees that the advice we give our customers is based on essential user feedback and experiences, and this helps future customers to make the right decision from the outset.

Colour choices are hugely important when choosing your architectural hardware including door handles, door knobs, hinges and door locks, as it is important that your choice of hardware compliments the environment in which they are placed. Our experienced team can help clients to make the right choice at all times. You can choose complimentary products or select from a range of contrasting products that will truly stand out and give your home and business that unique look that will be pleasing to both customers and staff alike.

Weight and usage variables will also play a huge part in ensuring you choose the right architectural hardware product to suit your needs, and by simply asking the question of our experienced staff, we will be more than happy to help you to make the right decision based on your unique and specific requirements.

At Proline Architectural Hardware we are always conscious of the cost restriction on many of the projects that require architectural hardware, and that is why we are keen to offer sound advice to our clients to ensure that not only do they purchase a product that is fit for purpose and suitable for their project, but that their purchase decision is always cost-effective and suitable for the particular project and that will offer a lifetime of value to our valued clients.

Briton 377 – Push Bar Panic Exit For Double Door

• CE Marked (AAA011)
• Certifire approved (CF 5506)
• Fully Certified to EN1125 Classification 376B1322AA
• 5 year guarantee
• EN 1634 fire testing for: – 2 hour timber fire doors – 4 hour steel fire doors
• Designed to suit rebated double doors • Anti thrust device prevents unauthorised latch bolt retraction • Site reversible for left and right hand • Suitable for door leaves up to 2500mm high x 1300mm wide • Adjustable top and bottom shoots • Supplied with easy clean socket and latch keep for double door applications

Ball Knob Set

Knob Size: 45mm Dia.
Projection: 72mm
Rose Size: 60mm
Spindle Size: 8mm

A solid cast Ball Mortice Knob which is unsprung and surface fixed.  The roses are attached and therefore not suitable for use with Rim Locks.  Choose a 4” or 5” heavy duty latch (page 220) to allow clearance from the edge of the door