Brand Alfa

Durable sealing of overlaps and perpend joints

Alfa Pro is the yellow, aggressive bonding special paper tape for the airtight sealing of overlapping vapour barriers at roof and interior construction. A thermal insulation with an airtight building shell guarantees an energy saving living comfort which protects the environment and saves money.

Alfa Pro is also ideal for the sealing of joints at building boards (e.g. OSB-boards) in interior areas.
For the universal application (interior & exterior) we recommend AlfaFlex 153.
Alfa Pro 150 mm is the best solution for an airtight sealing of large leakages and injection holes for cellulose insulation.

New! Now also available with split protective liner for easier application!


  • Meets the requirements of ZVDH and EnEV!
  • Free of solvents, chlorine and formaldehyde
  • Aggressive adhesion
  • Impregnated special paper
  • High ageing resistance
  • Easy to tear by hand



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