Cabinet Knobs

Our full range of cabinet knobs provide a subtle touch that can change the accent of a living space. Getting the right finish on your cabinet doors can make all the difference. At Proline Hardware, we provide the finest, high-quality ironmongery. Here are a few from our selection.

Cabinet Knobs with Porcelain Base

We provide porcelain-based cabinet knobs with a cream, white crackle, plain white and gold finish. Produced by Heritage Brass, these are solid, built to last and built to leave an impression.
Sizes available: 7032- 32mm, 7038- 38mm

Backplate Cabinet Knobs

C3074 Cabinet Knob Round/Backplate Design comes in eight different finishes, including Satin Chrome and Polished Brass. The backplate provides a more impactful finish and can subtly alter the living space.

Backplate Dimensions 162
Other Dimensions 32 diametre / 32 projection
Box Contains 1 Cabinet Knob and includes fixing screws and fasteners

The C3072 Oval Cabinet Knob also has a backplate and comes in the same dimensions and same finishes, but the pull handle is a slightly different shape.

cabinet knobs

Mushroom-Design Knobs

This simpler design looks great in antique brass and is available in seven other finishes, including Satin Nickel and Matt Bronze.

Product Dimensions:

15 Base / 32 Max Diameter / 29 Projection
The Box Contains one Cabinet Knob and includes fixing screws and fasteners

Square Stepped Versus Round Stepped Knobs

The C3672 Square Stepped Knob Design comes in the standard eight finishes. This has very slightly larger dimensions than its Round Stepped equivalent. The square-stepped design can gove an almost 80s retro feel to a space.

Product Dimensions 17 / 32 / 25
(Base / Knob Diameter / Projection)

The round stepped knob comes in slightly smaller at 16 / 32 / 24 and comes with everything needed for fitting.

We also have other designs, such as a reeded finish (V973) that is similar in appearance to a beehive. As well as a full range of more modern finishes that look great in a more minimalist space.

If you’d like to view our full range of cabinet knobs, or you’re looking for advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01 453 6633