What Are Door Latches

A door latch is often invisible until it fails. At proline hardware, we provide high-quality, durable, and beautiful hardware that is designed to enhance the look of the space without sacrificing longevity. Our door latches have passed various safety and durability compliance tests. Below are a few of from our range. You can also view our full range of high-quality, architecturally-minded door latches.

AR911 Door Latch

The AR900 series door latch has a 60-millimetre backset and 72-millimetre centres. The lock case was successfully fire tested using an intumescent kit and was successfully fired tested to BS EN 1634 Standards.

Its forend has a fixed radius (an 80-millimetre backset is also available for this model). Part 1: Assessed for use on 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes timber and 240 minutes steel fire doors.

Please note: the supply and fitting of this intumescent kit are essential in order to maintain compliance for its fire test and CE markings.

JL-HDT Heavy Duty Tabular Door Latch

The JL-HDT is durable, having been tested to two hundred thousand cycles.

It’s available in 63 millimetres, 76 millimetres and 102-millimetre versions. It has an 8mm follower and is compatible with bolt-through fittings.

Certifire tested- CF5423.
CE certified. EN 12209.

The JL-HDT comes in various finishes with either radiused or squared forends. Each comes complete with a nylon insert and a solid brass latch.

51.03 Upright Latch

The 51.03 door latch is light duty making it most suitable in homes, apartments and other domestic environments. This Latch bolt will withdraw fully with a slight depression of the lever handle.

It has been tested for fire doors to EN1634-1 Standard

It’s available in three case sizes:
65 millimetre, 75 millimetres and 100 millimetres.

The 51.03’s forends are supplied with a protective removable film. It has a guided latch bolt made from solid brass. Its strike plate is adjustable which means you can set it up to prevent door leaf rattle. It uses a patented Bolt Reverse Mechanism. Being lightly sprung, it’s suitable for sprung lever furniture. It incorporates a vertical bolt-thru position at 21.5mm centres from six o’clock. The forends and strikers are replaceable and both are available either square or rounded. Suitable for use on fire doors.

51.01 Tabular Latch

The Tabular Door Latch includes a black nylon box keep which can be fitted behind the striker. As it’s lightly sprung, it’s suitable for sprung lever furniture and will withdraw fully with a slight depression of the lever handle.

It has a guided latch bolt made with solid brass.

Each tabular latch is individually poly-bagged, with appropriate fixing screws.
It’s supplied with a protective removable film. The 51.01 fits comfortably into a 25mm diameter hole. It’s suitable for bolt-thru door furniture ranging in sizes from 30mm to 40mm centres.

To view the rest of our door latches, please view our full listings, plans and specifications here.