Letter box Lucca with translucent door and chromium-plated precision lock

The distinctiveness of this stainless steel letter box is its translucent, anthracite-coloured door made of satinised, hard-wearing plastic. With this, you can already see from far if post is inside.

Transparent, shatterproof plastic door

Inconvenient checking is now past with the Lucca: Now you know if and how much post is inside for you, even before opening the door – a more than convenient solution!
The letter box Lucca in set offers an integrated newspaper box that is mounted underneath the actual letter box.
The large volume and the opening stop assure even more comfort when collecting your post. With the extra chromium-plated lock, your letters are always securely and reliably stored. The insertion with the format DIN C4 is convenient and also allows the delivery of larger envelopes and newspapers.
Furthermore, the design impresses: The anthracite-coloured plastic door harmonises ideally with the noble stainless steel body. The simple post-image motif on the door is an additional eye catcher.

This letter box model is EN 13724 checked.

Stainless steel with protection finish

The body of the Lucca is of rustproof stainless steel and is additionally sealed with an additional varnish. Thus this model is weatherproof, hard-wearing and especially durable. This letter box you can enjoy for a long time. The cleaning is quick and uncomplicated: Simply and regularly wipe it with a clean, wet cloth.

Recommended mounting for your letter box

BURG-WÄCHTER recommends to not expose stainless steel letter boxes to permanent and direct weather. Mount it with the help of the included mounting material in a weather protected area at an exterior wall or with a matching stand, freely at an individual place.
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Art.-No. H x W x D Slot
mm W x H (mm)
Lucca 3713 Ni Letter 340 x 380 x 148 332 x 32
Lucca-Set 37130 Ni Letter 440 x 380 x 148 332 x 32
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