BK145W Rondo Postbox Stand

Rondo Postbox Stand

Elegant, soft design Semi-circular with sturdy mounted fixing plate Fixing screws included Matching letter boxes Piano, Pearl, Malmö, Bremen and Kiel Subtle white varnish Height: 1740 mm, Ø: 50 mm
Nordic Arched Postbox Stand

Nordic Arched Postbox Stand

With round arch Adjusts ideally to the letter box model Nordic Made of rustproof stainless steel Available in two sizes Nordic 3685 Ni matching letter boxes Nordic 3680 Ni and Nordic 680...
Mounting postbox Base

Mounting Postbox Base

Suitable for stands Universal 150 Ni and round arch stand Nordic Set includes two base units Easy mounting – without concreting For screwing onto sturdy ground Fixing material included Base Uni 150...
Universal_190 Postbox Stand

Universal 190 Postbox Stand

Made of stainless steel For attaching to the letter box stand Universal 150 Ni Can subsequently be assembled to the existing letter box combination Easy mounting Suitable for all models with a...
Universal-150 Postbox Stand

Universal 150 Postbox Stand

Made of rustproof stainless or galvanised steel (colours white, black and silver) Universally usable for all letter boxes made of stainless steel, steel and plastic Set consists of 2 tubes, 150 cm...