Brand Heritage Brass
Material Solid Brass
ITEM Length Dia. CTC Base Projection
C0312 101 117 16 Ø 101 16 Ø 40
C0312 128 144 16 Ø 128 16 Ø 40
C0312 160 176 16 Ø 160 16 Ø 40
C0312 203 219 16 Ø 203 16 Ø 40
C0312 254 270 16 Ø 254 16 Ø 40
C0312 320 336 16 Ø 320 16 Ø 40

About the Finish:

  • Polished Brass
    Warm, mellow with a sense of heritage and comfort this highly polished finish is opulent without being flamboyant. Polished Brass coordinates perfectly with traditional décor.
  • Polished Chrome
    A bold, contemporary finish; low maintenance and easy to clean. The mirror effect reflects light and colour and will complement any colour scheme
  • Antique Brass
    With russet hues and a brass undertone, this variation on brass retains a warm and mellow character but adds age and maturity by highlighting the variance of shades making each piece both alluring and unique.
  • Satin Chrome
    The brush marks of satin chrome will appeal to those who favour an industrial yet contemporary chrome finish. Satin Chrome Finish is also less prone to finger marks than polished chrome.
  • Satin Nickel
    With its honeyed grey tone created by brushed nickel plating on brass, this finish closely matches Stainless Steel but offers a warm and subtle alternative which is popular in traditional and modern décors.
  • Matt Bronze
    An aged finish on brass creating a vintage appearance, yet one that also looks outstanding in contemporary schemes. Over a period of time the bronze colour will lighten along any edges and surfaces that are frequently touched and create a naturally aged appearance highlighting frequently touched areas and exposing the brass below.
  • Satin Brass
    A modern alternative to the traditional polished brass, this attractive brushed texture beautifully mellows and adds warmth to both a traditional and a soft contemporary décor.
  • Polished Nickel Finish
    With its subtle golden hue this is a mellow alternative to polished chrome. The finish is not coated and will oxidise naturally. If not regularly buffed with a soft cloth this finish will subtlety change over time by taking on an aged patina.
Useful Information

AT Antique Brass, Matt Black, MB Matt Bronze, PB Polished Brass, PC Polished Chrome, PN Polished Nickel, Satin Rose Gold, SB Satin Brass, SC Satin Chrome, SN Satin Nickel


101mm, 128mm, 160mm, 203mm, 254mm, 320mm


Heritage Brass

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