Brand Alfa

Diffusion-tight connection joints at doors and windows

Alfa FULTRA-i is the red, diffusion resistant window membrane for the fast and airtight sealing of interior connection joints at doors and windows.
Only foaming the window frame does not provide an air-tightness since builders’ PU-Foam is not airtight nor diffusion-tight. For this reason the use of window connection tapes for receiving an airtight building shell is required.
Alfa FULTRA-i is best suitable for the use at renovation/restoration and new construction.
The provided self-adhesive strip facilitates the fixation to the window frames and door frames. The airtightness to the brickwork can be ensured with our sealing-adhesive compound Alfa DS 100.


  • In accordance with RAL and DIN 4108-7
  • Vapour diffusion-tight
  • Balances building activities
  • One-sided adhesive strip
  • Can be painted & plastered over
  • Fire class E
  • Only for interior use



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