TouchClean – Anti Viral – Anti Bacterial Hardware For Doors

Proline Architectural Hardware is one of the leading suppliers of Ironmongery and associated products to an ever changing workplace.

The current Covi-19 outbreak has increased awareness of workplace Hygiene and consideration must be given to a way to help increase hygiene control. With this in mind we are delighted to introduce the Touch Clean range of Anti-Bacterial – Anti Viral Door Hardware.

Door handles, bathroom turns and pull handles are all surface carriers of all types of bacteria and therefore we at Proline Architectural Hardware are delighted to offer a solution in these uncertain times.

Touch Clean is Manufactured and Applied in A UK Manufacturing Facility and the Product Technology is Japanese Nano Coating, the range that can be supplied covers all aspects of Door Hardware to match in with existing or supply as new.

  • Door Handles
  • Bathroom Turns
  • Pull Handles
  • Push Plates
  • Symbols
  • Kickplates

Touch Clean is ideal for use in many buildings where hygiene control is required; such as Hospitals, Care homes, Medical Centres and GP & Dentists Surgeries – or in any building where there are shared toilet or washroom facilities.

If you are interested in discussing the benefits or costs for the Touch Clean range, or if you need Ironmongery assistance on any projects please do not hesitate to contact us.

Touchclean is a Nano Based Technology, which will reduce the spread of Bacteria / Viruses and

Microbes on surfaces it is applied to

  • Touchclean is proven to immediately start to remove organisms on contact
  • The photo catalytic Ti102, oxidises organic compounds, at a molecular level, helping to combat the spread of Viruses and Bacteria
  • Continues to suppress microbial growth.
  • Use UV light to react ( low-light / no-light with added silver Ag, is available to continue to combat)
  • Successfully, independently tested to EN standards
  • Technology proven to work against bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms. ( full list available )
  • Touch Clean does no greatly change the appearance of the host product.
  • Touch Clean comes with certificate of Conformity and 5 year guarantee
  • Touch Clean does not tarnish and is wear free if not cleaned with hard products or abrasives.
  • Touch Clean is used over many fields form Medical implants through to Door Hardware and is FDA approved
  • Due to its molecular surface, it allows water to wash away harmful substances, negating the use of corrosive cleaning products
  • Viruses successfully tested against and killed – SARS – Swine Flu
  • Will be tested against Covid-19 when available.
  • Touch Clean is scientifically known as – Photo Catalytic Disinfection using Titanium Dioxide

Download this pdf to learn more