Brand frelan
Material Solid Brass
Finish Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome

This barrel bolt is available in 8 lengths making it suitable for a range of door sizes:

J1002BB          J1002CB          J1002DB        (A) 50mm  (B) 25mm
J1002BC          J1002CC          J1002DC        (A) 64mm  (B) 25mm
J1002BD          J1002CD         J1002DD        (A) 75mm  (B) 25mm
J1002BE          J1002CE          J1002DE        (A) 100mm  (B) 25mm
J1002BF          J1002CF           J1002DF        (A) 150mm  (B) 25mm
J1002PB-4      J1002PC-4       J1002SC-4     (A) 100mm  (B) 38mm
J1002PB-6      J1002PC-6       J1002SC-6     (A) 150mm  (B) 38mm
J1002PB-8      J1002PC-8       J1002SC-8     (A) 200mm  (B) 38mm

Useful Information

PB Polished Brass, PC Polished Chrome, SC Satin Chrome



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