Why Choose Internal Door Knobs instead of Handles?

This is a question that is most likely asked by many who undertake a building refurbishment or indeed a new build.

At the outset it should be stated that the concept of a door knob has been around for millennia – an awful lot longer than the more recent door handles – of which there are many on the market nowadays also.

Door knobs come is such a huge selection of design options including a choice of shapes such as round, octagonal, square and oval.

Shape aside the selection of finishes available in the door knob range is quite extensive, and in this way there is most certainly a door knob style to suit every design and styling requirement associated with a building remodel or build.

One of the more modern style options for Door Knobs are coloured crystal and glass options that can look very stylish in newer brighter home designs.

Discerning clients with an eye on the more traditional look might be tempted by the marble options available

Of course the ever-popular brass, copper and chrome finishes are always in stock at Proline Hardware, and our customer representatives are always happy to give advice on what option would suit a particular application best.

Customers are also generously served from a style perspective when choosing their door knobs – as we offer a range that includes mushroom shaped door knobs; beehive designs that look simply amazing in older properties that would have been fitted with door knobs from day one in any case.

Our regency design is always popular with our customers as they gives a truly classy look in door furniture and blend in really well in older and indeed more modern properties.

One of the styles that is going down a treat with customer is the flower design door knob which is particularly popular and that gives a really stylish finish at all times.

Door handles, on the other hand, do not look as stylish when fitted in older period properties in particular, and they can be a little cumbersome in the way that loose clothing can sometimes get caught in them.

Door handles, principally because they have more moving parts, require more maintenance as springs can fail from time to time unlike the more hardy door knob that does not break as easily. Although our door handles are top quality and maintenance is very low on them as well.

In summary, the choice is yours when it comes to choosing the door furniture for your remodelled home or new build. However, do take a little time to consider the pros and cons as outlined above and then you will be in a position to make the right choice so that your property will look truly outstanding once you complete the addition of door furniture.

If at any time you are still unsure about the best choice for your project, then be sure to contact us at Proline Hardware and we will be more than happy to give you the benefit of our considerable experience to help you make the best choice for your property.