What Are Drawer Pulls

What are drawer pulls exactly? As an industry that has evolved over centuries in multiple continents, there tends to be various words and terms for the same thing. Drawer pulls are also known as cabinet pulls in Ireland. As with most door furniture, they come in a vast array of shapes and sizes.

What are drawer pulls built with?

As you would expect, a drawer pull is composed of a handle and also a plate which you must attach to it. The handle is typically suspended from one or two hinges or mounts to form what is referred to as a “drop drawer pull”.

You’ll often find the handle attached to the plate using rivets. This naturally makes the functioning more ‘fixed’ as there are no hinges, but it gives it a different finish and depending on the location and function may allow it to be more robust.

Most of our line use rivets, such as the C0376 by Heritage Brass. As with most of our cabinet pulls, this one comes in bronze, brass, nickel. And each metal comes in a matt, satin or polished finish so there are always plenty of options available for your space.

As with other door furniture, designers tend to ornament the drawer pull. Our products come in various finishes and styles which included piercing, embossing and other techniques. We generally don’t carry extravagant designs, opting for more minimalist and modern ornamentation. However, if you have a specific design in mind we can often source what you are looking for and order in bulk when needed.

How Are They Designed?

what are drawer pulls

As with other door furniture, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether round handles, irregular shapes made by forge (often hand-crafted in our case). They also come in rectangular and ovular designs. The point is to offer variety so that you can find a piece that matches the style and finish of the space.

For example the “Chameleon 1” drawer pull range, which comes in a 183mm length. The Chameleon has an array of bright primary colours such as orange, red blue and green ad is aptly named for its variety and ability to blend in to certain environments. Another example is the “Christallo” range, which comes in multiple semi-translucent crystal finishes (length 182mm).

We hope this answers your query. But if you have any other questions or you’re looking to source a specific item, don’t hesitate to contact us.