TouchClean: Anti Bacterial Door Hardware

TouchClean can be a crucial implementation to help prevent the spread of bacteria in your work environment. While there have been developments in the reduction of mortality rates for diseases such as MRSA, the spread of infections remains substantial in high-risk environments, such as hospitals, airports and nursing homes. Anti-bacterial door hardware can help to reduce these risks.

A concerning study found that of 400 internal bathroom doors tested over 136 toilet doors in 59 countries, the majority found signs of faecal matter confirmation as well as Staphylococcus Aureus, clearly indicating that travellers were not washing their hands after using toilets, encouraging the rapid spread of disease worldwide.

While we can continue to educate the public (and staff) about the necessity for hand washing, we have recently seen that even in times of a pandemic crisis, such warnings are ignored (or forgotten), even by those advocating for them. Other measures need to be put in place to counter against the oversights in human behaviour.

Many modern surfaces can become a hotbed of bacteria, supporting the propagation of colonies which can last on the surface for hours or days. With door handles, in particular, being significant touchpoints, where bacteria can survive for long periods and spread rapidly — especially in areas with large amounts of traffic.

TouchClean provides the solution to this problem. Independently tested, the TouchClean coating applied to a stainless-steel surface destroyed 99.9% of a Staphylococcus aureus colony, which is a much higher rate than would be possible under normal conditions.

TouchClean: Typical Use Examples

TouchClean anti-bacterial door handles are seeing success in hospitals, dental clinics, nursing homes and medical environments, where door handles can quickly spread disease to patients, residents, visitors and staff alike. As these are spaces used by society’s most vulnerable people, these are also the areas that stand to benefit most from precautions.

Public buildings such as airports, train stations or event centres increase the potential for the spread of infection. Toilets at such locations in particular, where studies have shown proper handwashing is not implemented by the public.

TouchClean is also being successfully implemented in education centres such as nurseries, daycares, primary schools and beyond, where individuals often become unwitting ‘vectors’ of disease spreading from person to person, and family to family.

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