TF130 Glazing Gasket Image

TF130 30049 Glazing Gasket

Colour- Black, Brown, White
Fixing- Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
Length- 100mtr coil
Material- Glazing
Size- (mm)6.4×11

Glazing Gasket TF130 is an innovative and cost effective solution for glazing vision panels in 30 minute fire doors quickly and safely. It comprises of a high performance glazing seal incorporating proven intumescent which will expand when subjected to heat to enhance the performance of fire rated glass.

The seal utilises the concept glazing fin to aid compression allowing the seal to work in varying door thicknesses.

It has been tested and approved for use with a wide range of insulating and non-insulating glasses. Ideally suited for retro-fitting, this unique seal represents the latest design technology in glazing seals. Fitting is completely dry and clean, so no mastic or wet sealant is required giving an excellent ‘sight’ line.


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