Styled Cabinet Knobs

Sometimes it’s the small things that make a space, and our speciality is sourcing hand-crafted and styled cabinet knobs and other door furniture that can leave an impression.

Of course, you’ll find cabinets throughout your household. And it doesn’t matter what the style is; it could be a rebuild, refurbish, or a brand new modern open-plan design; your bathroom cupboard or brand new kitchen can gain a touch of class through hand-crafted ironmongery with exquisite detailing.

Styled Cabinet Knobs

From the Anvil provide a range of incredible designs. Their Bun Mortice design which can combine polished brass on the plate with ebony on the pull makes a striking contrast that can look genuinely striking in the right space.

They also provide a similar style with a completely different finish; the Beehive Mortice is available with an aged bronze finish that looks incredible. It is reeded, with a beautiful contrast between the outer edges and those within the bevels. As the bronze ages, the colours become deeper and richer. The beehive mortice design is also available (and striking) in aged brass, polished chrome and polished nickel.

For example, in our range is this gorgeous iron cabinet knob by Frelan Hardware. It had a unique finish, as though its shape was created under the impact of a blacksmith’s hammer. Elegant in its simplicity, these look well in anything from a classic to a modern space.

Styled Cabinet Knobs

Another essential style is achieved in this reeded cabinet knob by Heritage Brass. Available in eight different finishes including polished brass and chrome. These have smoothe extrusion with reeds on the surrounding ring and handle.

This Venetian knob, also by Heritage Brass, has the reeded effect on the outer area but with a smooth flat finish on its outward-facing facade to create a retro-futuristic effect that looks beautiful in many spaces.

There is also this hand-beaten effect which looks as well as one hand-crafted by a master blacksmith. Available in Heritage Brass’ standard range of finishes, it looks especially striking in matt bronze for that hammered smithy look that can look striking in any bedroom or kitchen.

If this overview doesn’t mention an item you’re looking for; we invite you to view our full range of styled cabinet knobs or contact us today on 01-453 6633.