Brand heritage brass

CODE                                           Code Previously
YKABL2-AT                       YKBL2 21/2″ Antique Finish
YKABL2-BLK                    YKBL2 21/2″ Black Finish
YKABL2-MB                      YKBL2 21/2″ Matt Bronze Finish
YKABL2-PB                        YKBL2 21/2″ Brass Finish
YKABL2-PC&PN               YKBL2 21/2″ Pol.Chrome/Nickel Finish
YKABL2-SB                        YKBL2 21/2″ Satin Brass Finish
YKABL2-SN&SC                YKBL2 21/2″ Satin Chrome/Nickel Finish
YKABL3-AT                        YKBL3 3″ Antique Finish
YKABL3-BLK                     YKBL3 3″ Black Finish
YKABL3-MB                      YKBL3 3″ Matt Bronze Finish
YKABL3-PB                        YKBL3 3″ Brass Finish
YKABL3-PC&PN               YKBL3 3″ Pol.Chrome/Nickel Finish
YKABL3-SB                        YKBL3 3″ Satin Brass Finish
YKABL3-SN&SC                YKBL3 3″ Satin Chrome/Nickel Finish

. For internal doors where privacy is
. Suitable for use with bathroom door
handles with 8mm spindles and 57mm
centres (CTC).
. Also suitable for use with lever on rose
handles requiring bolt through fixing or
with door knobs, latch is fully reversible
for door handing.
. When using lever on rose handles or
door knobs use with separate Thumbturn
& Release.
. Includes dust box for strike.
. Easily reversed for door handing without
opening lock by turning latch bolt

Useful Information

AT Antique Brass, Matt Black, MB Matt Bronze, PB Polished Brass, PC&PN, SB Satin Brass, SN&SC




Heritage Brass

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