RR Range Cylinder Locks

Our Restricted Range utilises a key profile that is completely unique to us. It was designed by us and no other company can cut keys that match it. This gives an added extra level of security insomuch as you can be assured that end users will not be able to get keys copied, they will have to order them from us via you or your customers. The restricted range allows complete control and ownership of all further key orders.


The levels of cylinder security remain the same.


All keying options can be used with our RR Range.


Cylinders available in our RR Range:

  • Euro profile single cylinders
  • Euro profile cylinder (key) and turn cylinders
  • Euro profile double (key/key) cylinders
  • Standard rim cylinders
  • Threaded rim cylinders (including extended threaded rims)

PB Polished Brass
PC Polished Chrome
SN Satin Nickel

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