Pacer Centrefold Folding Door System Image

Pacer Centrefold Folding Door System

Maximum door weight: 35kg (61B hanger) 75kg (61B/4 hanger)
Maximum door height: 2700mm
Maximum door width: 900mm
Door thickness: 35mm-44mm
Top-hung Pacer gear and fittings for centre folding
timber partition doors. Leaves are hung centrally
and can fold to one or both sides. For applications
hinged to the jamb, 31/2, 51/2 or 71/2 leaves can be
used with the half-leaf hinged to the jamb. For best
operation of floating units, 5, 7 or 9 leaves should be
used. Any access door should be hinged separately
to the jamb.
Residential and commercial timber doors.

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