Brand OPK Europe
Product Dimensions
Door Width ≥760mm
Door Thickness W 35-50mm
Door Weight 160kg
Height Adjustment ±3mm
Damping Soft Opening & Soft Closing

Use our component list to build a system to suit extra heavy & wide doors or multiple doors on a single track. These fittings are supplies with the “Minimal” bracket to reduce the spacing from track to door

OPK017 OPK Spaceship 160 (PART A) Standard Track 2500mm 03-016-160-A25
OPK015 OPK Spaceship 160 (PART A) Standard Track 3500mm 03-016-160-A35
OPK014 OPK Spaceship 160 (PART C) Standard Track Fittings (1 pack required per door leaf) 03-011-160-101
OPK016 OPK Spaceship 160 Track Connector Bracket 03-015-160-400
OPK011 OPK Spaceship 80/160 (PART D) 2500mm Guide Track 03-017-100-025
OPK009 OPK Spaceship Wall Mounting Bracket (5 per std track) 03-015-000-300


OPK Europe

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