GTR Foam Glazing Tape Image

GTR Foam Glazing Tape

Colour- Black
Fixing- Self-adhesive backing for easy installation
Length- 20mtr coil
Material- Graphite impregnated foam tape
Size- (mm)10×5, 15×5, 20×5

Sealmaster Intumescent Foam Glazing Tape is a highly compressible and flexible intumescent tape product exhibiting a low pressure intumescent behaviour with a degree of expansion up to 3-4 times its original volume.

The resistance to thermal erosion is exceptional for a foam tape product allowing it to be used with a very broad range of fire glazing systems. One of the key benefits of this product over other foam tapes is its ability to work in combination with a number of glass types, including modified toughened glass.

On exposure to heating the unique chemical formulation allows the product to retain char stability to beyond 900 degrees, far surpassing other foam glazing tape products currently on the market. At FD30, the system can even be used in combination with softwood and MDF beading if preferred. FD60 requires the use of an intumescent liner.


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