Brand Ermetika

This cavity door system is the perfect solution for all the DIY lovers: with few simple steps Evokit allows you to insert a door into the wall cavity without having a pocket system.

You will save about 1 m2 surface among the classical swing door. The structure is composed of a metal frame, 6 horizontal strong bars 0.7 mm thick on each side and a rail that can bear up to 120 Kg. The horizontal profiles and the vertical ones are 1.2 mm thick. You can set up Evokit almost without any screws.

Supplied to suit Irish door sizes- 34″, 32″, 30″, 28″ & 26″. Special sizes on request.


  • Save floor area, in stock as well as shipping
  • Easy and quick set-up and installation
  • Aluminium extractible rail (max PW=1000 – metric size)
  • Stronger metal structure
  • 1 kit for both wall thickness (100/125)
  • Structural strength and absolute firmness


  • Softclose
  • Sliding kit for glass door
  • Simultaneous opening
  • 120 kg track kit
  • Under door profile
  • Doorjamb and architraves

Additional Information:

It is essential that the door is not warped, bowed or twisted. Please check that the door has been stored flat and not exposed to moisture.



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