Brand eclipse

To comply with current standards and performance requirements our fire rated hinges are tested and certified to EN1634 FD30, FD60 timber Doorsets and FD240 Steel Doorsets. For endurance, corrosion and load bearing requirements our hinges are tested and certified to EN1935 from Grade 7 up to and including Grade 14. Grade 11, 13 and 14 hinges are also Certifire registered. Intumescent hinge pads should be fitted as standard on fire door applications. In the event of fire, the intumescent hinge pad rapidly expands to provide additional protection in the hinge area, insulating the heat transfer from hinge to the door and helping to maintain the doors integrity.

Ball bearing hinges are supplied ready lubricated by the manufacturer to ensure smooth operation of hinge leaves when fitted to doors. It is advised that the product is lubricated at 25,000 cycle intervals to maintain optimum efficiency of the hinge.




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