NOR810 Drop Seal Image

NOR810 Drop Seal

Adjustment- Clip-in actuator, adjust by hand
Application- Single and double leaf doors
Colour- Mill Finish Aluminium (Outer), Light Grey (seal & actuator)
Cut Back- (mm)Various, each size cuts back at least 100mm – see product label for precise cut back capability (320mm has a limited cut back to 235mm)
End Caps- Supplied with end caps. Hanging brackets available
Fixing- Rout-in fit with traditional end plates or hanging brackets giving the option for faster installation if required
Length- (mm)320, 435, 535, 635, 735, 835, 935, 1035, 1135, 1235, 1335, 1435, 1535
Material- Aluminium (holder), Silicone (insert)
Maximum Drop- (mm)20
Size- (mm)14×35

Specifically designed and manufactured by Norsound in Germany, quality and attention to detail have been at the forefront of every design decision.

Some clever design changes to the NOR810® have allowed us to offer our best seal yet.

The robust internal mechanism allows for parallel actuation, whilst a complete overhaul to the seal provides for the most durable sealing profile to date – now even more resistant to seal delamination.

Changes to the actuator allow it to be completely removed from the product when necessary. Not only does this mean that no tools are required in adjusting it, those on site wanting to deactivate the seal when fitting doors can do so very easily. Added to this, the actuator is impregnated with a Teflon material, giving it a smooth surface that eradicates any damage to the frame when the door closes.

The seal comes fully fire tested to comply with British Standard BS476: Part 22 and has a wealth of acoustic data as evidence of its competent sound attenuation properties.

The product is supplied with a pair of brush finished steel end plates.


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