NOR720 Perimeter Seal Image

NOR720 Perimeter Seal

Application- Head & jambs of single and double leaf doors / rout-in door leaf as perimeter or meeting stile seal
Fixing- Friction fit into 3mm saw cut
Length- (mm)2100, 3000(black, white)
Material- Co-extruded rigid base with flexible fins
Min/Max Gap Size (mm)Up to 4mm
Size (mm)7×5

Norsound’s NOR720 is a small seal with an impressive dB reduction. Its placement in the door frame means it can easily be used in conjunction with the NOR710, achieving as high as a 48dB reduction in some configurations (please see the test evidence for further information).

This seal is only 5mm wide and once fitted only three thin 4.2mm long blades are visible, giving a discrete finish without compromising acoustic performance.

The NOR720 also has smoke seal capabilities in accordance with BS 476: Part 31: 1987 and its design is based on ‘dual air pocket technology‘ which acts in the same way as triple glazing. We have cycle tested the NOR 720 acoustic seal up to 100,000 opening and closing cycles.


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