Keyless Door Lock Supplier

As Ireland’s premium keyless door lock supplier, we provide the best quality electronic and mechanical keyless door locks to fit any situation. If you have specific needs let us know and we will find a solution. Below is an outline of some of our offerings. To view the full range, please view our full listing of keyless mechanical and digital locks.

Digital Keyless Door Locks

Digital Locks are essential in certain areas of a commercial property. As a keyless door lock supplier, we provide a range of options from entry-level to more advanced systems with powerful features. Suitable for commercial or residential use, whether in an entrance, office, storage area or cupboard.

The AR/D-515 offers a Push Button Lock which is compatible with Arrone panic and emergency exit hardware. With anti-tamper fittings and weather-resistant seals to protect when installed on external doors.

An entry-level system may be suitable for your situation. As an example, the CL100 entry-level mechanical lock. This offers an easy-to-change code (or keep the randomly generated code which comes with it) as well as an easy-to-install system.

For glass doors, the CL4000GD is a medium-duty patch door lock with a mortice latch. This system is excellent for offices, schools, hospitals, nurseries and homes for the elderly, hotels and leisure centres. The CL4000GD has batteries included. The system is tested for over 140,000 operations per charge. They include a notification when it’s running low, and for security, a tamper-timeout prevents any codebreaking attempts. This lock stores up to 80 different individual codes. These may be 4,5, or 6 digits in length. Programming these codes is performed on the keypad using a master code.

The CL5010 is a heavy-duty tubular mortice latch. Allowing over 200,000 operations (batteries included), this model also comes with a tamper alarm and low battery warning. It also allows for connections to a reception release button as well as an alarm release and code-free entry mode. The CL4010 is another electronic offering which has many of the features of CL5010 but with different specifications.

Keyless Door Lock Supplier: Mechanical Systems

We are suppliers of a range of mechanical keyless door locks. The CL610 and CL615 are heavy-duty tubular mortice latch locks. While typically mechanical keyless door locks require you disassemble the mechanism, these models both allow quick code changes in seconds without any changes to the setup. There is also a code-free option for when you don’t need the door locked at certain times or in certain circumstances.

If we haven’t mentioned something you’re looking, check out the rest of our selection of keypad door locks. If you have any questions about our offerings or need something more specific, we can help. Contact us today.