Hoppe SecuSan® Antimicrobial Door Handles

The Problem?

Did you realise that using a door handle is like shaking hands with thousands of strangers?

The issue of “hygiene” has been the subject of public concern for many years and is currently more topical than ever before – be it in clinics, schools, industry or leisure facilities.

With the new SecuSan® door handles, HOPPE has developed a solution that provides active protection in the very places where it is urgently required. SecuSan® is a special surface that immediately suppresses microbial growth on a lasting basis.

It is entirely maintenance-free and designed for long-term usage. Its high level of efficacy has been confirmed in independent laboratory and practical tests.

The solution – SecuSan® door handles

SecuSan® is an antimicrobial surface for HOPPE hardware. Its high level of hygienic safety has been confirmed in independent laboratory and practical tests.

  • Immediately combat germs
  • Have a preventative effect
  • Are wear-free on a long-term basis

SecuSan® surfaces contain silver ions, which are embedded in a carrier system of ceramic glass. They form an active part of this material and prevent the growth of germs such as bacteria, algae and fungi. The silver ions destroy the cell membrane of the germ. This stops respiration and nutrition of the cells, so preventing cell division. Independent tests have proved that SecuSan® reduces microbial growth by more than 99%. The SecuSan® surface remains effective even when cleaned at regular intervals and is guaranteed for 2 years. The handles’ operational guarantee is 10 years.

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