Hardware For Cabinets

Choosing hardware for cabinets can be tricky. It’s essential to get the right finish that matches the rest of the space. When it’s a space where we’ll spend most of our time with coworkers, family, and friends, we must create a finish we’re truly satisfied with. We provide a full range of high-quality cabinet hardware.

Choosing Hardware for Cabinets

It’s often preferable to go with quality products that will last a lifetime, provide pleasure through aesthetics, and subtly add to the overall look and feel of the space.

We provide a range of items which we have selected based on customer feedback and experiences. We ensure our range meets the highest standard, and we avoid the common pitfalls that haunt the market.

If you’re looking at a particular selection, but you’re unsure, we can offer advice so that you can be sure a product is suitable for your project, but that their purchase decision is always cost-effective and ideal for the particular project and that will offer a lifetime of value to our valued clients.

Hardware for Cabinets: Knobs

hardware for cabinets

We have a full range of cabinet knobs in various finishes to suit many types of spaces. Most of our items are by the renowned Heritage Brass. These come in several finishes, including Antique Brass, Matt Bronze, Polished Brass, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Brass, Satin Chrome and Satin Nickel.

Cabinet Drops

Our range of cabinet drops is great for cabinets, drawers, furniture, and more. Our range includes both classic and modern designs. For example, the ‘Square Drop Pull,’ which can look stunning in the right environment. This comes in all standard finishes. The Square Drop Pull is sized at 50 x 50. For a more antique finish, the Ornate Design Cabinet Pull can set the tone of a space.

Cabinet Pulls

We have a large selection of cabinet pulls, with a range of styles and finishes that can cover most spaces and situations. With modern designs such as the C4520 to a more glamorous look, like the C2533.

If you would like advice about your specific situation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be glad to provide further information on any items you may be looking at (or looking for).