Do Fire Doors Need To Be Self Closing?

We live in an era of consciousness when it comes to matters relating to health and safety – and not before time you might say.

In years gone by simple safety precautions would surely have saved many a life, and this applies particularly to fires that break out within buildings.

Not only do these fires cause a huge amount of material damage, but they have also been responsible for much loss of life.

All new commercial buildings and three Storey Residential Dwellings must now include the construction of fire escape routes that must be isolated and protected by the use of fire doors all tested to relevant European Standards.

To quote from the relevant legislation “A fire door is a door or shutter, provided for the passage of persons, air or objects which together with its frame and furniture as installed in a building is intended when closed to resist the passage of fire and/or gaseous products of combustion, and is capable of meeting specified performance criteria to those ends.”

“The performance of a fire door critically depends on the correct installation of the complete door assembly, strictly in accordance with the terms of the relevant test certification supplied by the door manufacturer.”

In understanding the above, it goes without saying that all fire doors must be fitted with automatic self- closing devices that will then protect the fire escape areas – and more importantly, any people trying to escape through them – from the onset of the fire, and give them a more than reasonable chance of escaping from the building without being caught in the fire itself.

In high-rise buildings it should be remembered that all floors will have fire doors leading to the fire escape areas, and it would be extremely dangerous if any of these doors were to be left ajar for any prolonged period of time, and this situation could have a very negative impact on foot traffic moving between floors through the fire escape channel.

Therefore, it is imperative that all fire doors are constructed in accordance with fire regulations and fitted with certified closing devices that will ensure they close efficiently and effectively at all times, but most particularly in an emergency situation.

At Proline Hardware we carry an extensive range of fittings to facilitate the self-closing of fire doors, these include surface mounted Door Closers from Basic Certified Models right through to Cam Action High End Door Closers,   Floor Spring Door Closers and Concealed Door Closing devices  together with electromagnetic  door closers all of which are designed to protect people and buildings should the need arise.

Our advice to all of our clients is to take the time to evaluate the different types of door closers available so that you can fit the units that best suit your specific business or construction needs onto your fire doors bearing in mind the regulatory requirements as they apply to specific areas within buildings and indeed to buildings of different heights so that safety remains paramount at all times, so that in the Event of an emergency or a fire breaking out, everyone can exit the buildings safely.