External Door Closers

If you’re seeking external door closers for your project, we may be able to assist. At Proline Hardware, we specialise in providing a range of high quality, aesthetically designed hardware. Our items are available in bulk and we can source alternatives when a particular item is not quite what you need. Please view our full range of door closer systems. Or read on to see some examples suited for multiple situations and environments.

Overhead Door Closers

Arrone provides a complete range of overhead and external door closers, and we hold many of their products. The AR450 EN3 Door Closer is suitable for doors up to .95 metres in width and weighing sixty kilograms. This range was tested for conformity based on BS EN1154:1997 standards. It has Certifire Approval (CF603) and has been successfully fire-tested to BS EN1634 Pt. 1.

Arrone’s AR1998 overhead Electromagnetic Door Closer has a hold-open and swing free operation. Sized to handle doors 1.1 metres in width and eighty kilograms in weight. As with the AR450, it has been tested for conformity and fire tested to BSEN1634 Part one for 30, 60 and 120-minute timber fire doors.

The AR8200, like the AR1998, is able to work with doors up to 1.1 metres in width and eighty kilograms in weight. It has a power size selectable mechanism of 2-4 which uses a template. The exact position you will need is in the installation manual. When installing, make sure to pre-spring the arm so that it can better handle resistance when the door is closed. You can perform Pre-loading by repositioning the arm so that it’s past the stop position. There is a detailed illustration to describe this setup in the installation manual.

Please note that power sizes one and two, which are available on some models, aren’t suitable for Smoke or fire door setups. For these, you need a minimum of power size three. To keep the systems well-maintained and in good working order, it is best to perform a manual check-up and maintenance every quarter.

External Systems

If you’d like to make an order for external door closers, you can reach out to our sales department directly on our Dublin number: 01 4536 633. For general queries including sourcing, send us an email with details of the product you’re seeking.