Evokit Single Pocket Door Kit

Evokit Single Pocket Door Kit

Note- this product does not include the door or fitting and these are not something we offer.

This cavity door system is the perfect solution for all the DIY lovers: with few simple steps Evokit allows you to insert a door into the wall cavity without having a pocket system.
You will save about 1 m2 surface among the classical swing door. The structure is composed of a metal frame, 6 horizontal strong bars 0.7 mm thick on each side and a rail that can bear up to 100 Kg. The horizontal profiles and the vertical ones are 1.2 mm thick. You can set up Evokit almost without any screws.

Supplied to suit Irish door sizes- 34″, 32″, 30″, 28″ & 26″. Special sizes on request.

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