Emergency Exit Locks

At Proline Hardware, we provide a full range of emergency exit locks for your space. Suitable for single and double doors, these are robust and produced by Briton, with classification to standard EN 179 – 376B1342 BA. View our full range of emergency locks.

Briton 1438 – Push Pad Emergency Exit Locks

The Briton 1438 allows for single-door latching, and when combined with Briton’s 372 (below), allows for latching of double doors also. These are site-reversible to left-hand or right-hand.

Briton 389.N Emergency Exit Mortice Nightlatch

The Briton 389.N is CE Marked (ABB020) and fully certified (EN179). The 389 is designed for single doors and the first-opening side of a double door. It features an anti-thrust device to prevent unauthorised latch bolt retraction and comes with a dual profile cylinder mortice night latch (the cylinder is not included).

Briton 372 – Push Pad Exit Bolt

The Briton 372, as with other Briton equipment, has a five-year guarantee. The 372 provides double vertical bolts (self handed) and is suitable for single and double doors. The top and bottom shoots are adjustable, and it is supplied with an ‘easy clean’ socket. Pullman latches are also optional.

The Briton 376 Push Bar Bolt

The 376 Push Bar allows many of our emergency locks to be used on double doors. It is CE Marked to standard AAA011. It has been Certifire approved to CF 5506, and fully certified to EN1125 Classification 376B1322AA. The 376 is guaranteed for five years and tested in excess of 200,000 cycles. It also has fire testing within EN 1634 for 2-hour fire doors (timber), and 4-hours for steel. This system has many features including alarm activation, quiet close latches (Pullman), and dogging or manual hold-open. All versions of the 376 come with necessary attachments, fixings and instructions and include the “Push Bar to Open” signage as an adhesive. The 376 is suitable for any door up to 2.5 metres height x 1.3 metres in width (though extension rods are needed to get to max sizes).

Emergency Door Release

The C-5-6 Emergency door release is fire tested to 60 minutes. It is composed of stainless steel and is suitable for hospitals, accessible toilets (where it can act as a frame stop to allow a door to double-swing).

If a specific product is not in this list, please view our full listing or contact us today. We will do our best to provide a speedy response.