Dorma Floor Springs

DORMA Floor Springs are a robust and versatile solution for all types of doors; Whether standard, wide or narrow, left or right hinged, or double or single action. Combined with accessories, it can be integrated with many door builds and floor surfaces. This article will further detail the advantages of DORMA, though you can view our full range of available floor springs.

The BTS 75 V

The Dorma BTS75 V brings reliability, quality and visual elegance with a tidy, concealed installation. It also offers greater versatility for installers by allowing for RH and LH single-action and double-action doors, as well as interchangeable spindles, so that they can be modified painlessly. It also allows for adjustable closing force.

Dorma Floor Springs: The BTS 80

If you’re looking for a versatile, floor-concealed door closer that can work with almost any situation, we can recommend the BTS 80 series. These allow for far more creativity in design thanks to their surprising strength-to-weight ratio. Despite having a minute form factor, it can handle hefty single and double-acting doors, and it can be installed and hidden away in areas that would typically be unfeasible. Even fire and smoke check doors, thanks to the BTS 80 F which has been CERTIFIRE Approved (CF127) and also works on single and double action doors. The BTS 80 has a mechanical backcheck and thanks to its construction can be installed on a thin slab concrete subfloor. The BTS80EMB allows a concealed installation with electromagnetic hydraulic hold open functionality. The BTS 80 FLB (Free Swing Floor Spring) enables 0-180 degree hinging and is CE Marked (Cert no. 127) to be used on fire and smoke check doors. Hold-Open has been tested to EN 1155.

The BTS 84 Floorspring

The BTS 84 is also a concealed device which showcases Dorma’s low-profile construction. With a Hold Open function available (optional) and easy installation, this is a robust, simple device that can work well in many situations.

We have a full range of springs and other door furniture available. If you don’t quite see something that meets your needs or you need to source something specific, please don’t hesitate to contact us with as much detail as you can provide.