Perkomatic-R85 door closer

R85 Perkomatic Door Closer

Perkomatic® is the ultimate in uncontrolled, concealed door closing devices, with outstanding performance and durability. Designed for light to medium use situations on internal doors up to 75kg/165lbs in weight. Housed in...
Powermatic-R100 door closer

R100 Powermatic Door Closer

Powermatic® is one of the world’s most advanced controlled, concealed door closers. It delivers outstanding performance and reliability, and possesses many unique features that deliver benefits to fire and non-fire door applications...
rts_871200x1200_uk-jpg_image_slider_product_image_slider_zoom transom door closer

RTS87 Transom Door Closer

Concealed Transom Closer   Closer is concealed within the door frame Maximum door width 1100mm Suitable for single and double action doors Adjustable power size and mechanical backcheck Variants available for timber...
rts_85_1200x1200-jpg_image_slider_product_image_slider_zoom Transom Door Closer

RTS85 Transom Door Closer

Transom concealed door closer   Door closer hidden in the door frame Door widths up to 950 mm / 1100 mm / 1250 mm For single and double action doors One closer...
rts_80_eb_1200x1200_image_slider_product_image_slider_zoom Concealed Transom Door Closer

RTS80EMB Concealed Transom Door Closer

Electro-Magnetic Transom Closer   Masked within the frame, the door closer is hidden from view Maximum door width 1100mm for EN4 and 1250mm for EN5 Suitable for single and Double Action Doors...
its_96_emf_1200x1200_uk-jpg_image_slider_product_image_slider_zoom Concealed Overhead Door Closer

ITS96EMF Concealed Overhead Door Closer

Electro-Magnetic Hold Open Closer   Concealed closer Max door width: 1100mm (EN2-4), 1400mm (EN3-6) Adjustable sweep and latching speed GSR integral door co-ordinator available CERTIFIRE Approved for fire doors: CF140 ITT60/MM/IMM240 CE...
dorma_its_96_tuerschliesser_door_closer_1200x1200-jpg_image_slider_product_image_slider_zoom Concealed Overhead Door Closer

ITS96 Concealed Overhead Door Closer

Concealed slide channel door closer with cam-action technology   Concealed installation Door leaf thickness ≥ 40 mm Adjustable Closing Force Optional hold-open Adjustable latch action Cushioned limit stay  
img_pro_ar7383-pc_sall_aof_v1 concealed door closer

AR7383 Concealed Door Closer

ARRONE® overhead door closing device: Power adjustable power size 2-4 by spring High performance concealed cam action mechanism with slide track Suitable for doors up to 1100mm wide and 80kg weight Intumescent...