Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks can be an essential piece of door furniture. At Proline, we are a premium keyless door lock supplier with a curated stock of the best digital door lock systems available. You can view our entire range of digital locks, or read on to view our highlights for specific situations.

Digital Door Locks: Push Button Locks

When it comes to reliability, we have found that the best compromise is a mechanical push button system combined with an electronic interface to allow for more advanced features. The appearance of a fully digital display with touch-sensitive buttons looks modern, but we have found these systems are often unreliable. The push-button combination means fewer problems plus advanced options and possibilities in situations that require security and emergency features.

The AR/D-515 Push Button Lock works with the Arrone Emergency and Panic Exit hardware system. It is equipped with tamper-resistant fittings and also weather-resistant seals. This is essential in cases where this will be placed as an external door.

For The Workplaces

If you’re looking for a system for glass doors located in an office, hospital, nursery or elderly home, then the CL4000GD may be a good choice. This system is very durable and allows for over 140,000 operations on a single battery charge. There’s a notification if the battery is running low so you will not be caught unawares, and of course, should the battery run out or fail for any reason the locking mechanism releases. To prevent codebreaking attempts, the system times out between wrong code entries. The system stores up to 80 individual codes which can be between 4-6 digits in length. This allows you to give individuals a unique code and disable it when an employee’s employment has ended.

The CL5010 is a heavy-duty mortice latch (tabular). This is a good choice for doorways where you plan to have an intercom or release button (such as at a reception). It also features an alarm release mode and a setting to enable free passage. This system also allows many operations (over 200,000 on a single charge) and is fitted with a tamper alarm and low battery warning system so that you will not be surprised.

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