Choosing a Door Latch that matches your space

Choosing a door latch can be straightforward for basic builds, or it can be difficult when you’re aiming to provide a quality finish where all the small touches have been considered. We have a full range of quality latches designed to enhance your architectural decisions. Our latches use robust, beautiful materials that last and impress. Here are three types of door latches to consider for your space

Choosing a Door Latch: The JL-HDT

This high-quality door latch is available in three sizes: 63mm, 76mm and 102mm. The mechanism was stress tested for 200,000 cycles without issue, and has also been fire tested to 30 and 60 minutes. (Certifications include Certifire CF5423, CE, and EN 12209)

You can get the JL-HDT in many finishes, including Antique Brass, Polished Stainless Steel, PVD Brass and SSS Satin. This door latch comes with radius and square forends. It includes a nylon insert and solid brass latch. This model is suitable for bolt-through fittings.

door latch

The JL6666

The JL6666 is a tabular door latch for internal doors where you do not need a lock. It is available in three industry-standard sizes and two finishes (Electro Brass and Satin Stainless Steel). If you’re unsure which size is best, here’s on way to find out. Measure your door from its edge to the centre of its door stile, then choose the model that’s closest to this measurement.


The 51.01 comes in 65mm, 75mm and 90mm sizes. You can get this latch’s forends and strikes in an Evershine Brass finish. Evershine Brass keeps its colour for 10 years. It is also available in Satin or Polished stainless steel. The forends include a protective removable film to prevent scratching before installation. As it has a light spring, it works well with sprung lever furniture and is compatible with bolt-through door furniture (30mm-40mm centres). Designed for a light touch, it fits a 25mm diameter hole, and its latch bold withdraws fully with a 25-30 degree depression of the handle.

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