Anti Microbial Door Handles

Anti Microbial Door Handles are a newer technology with increased relevance in recent times. Today more than ever, hygiene is extremely important in public areas as well as at home and in the workplace.

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Using door handles is comparable to shaking hands with dozens of strangers. And most germs spread via the hands. Since germs multiply even after they’ve been spread, and touchpoints such as countertops and door handles become breeding grounds for germs. These germs are then transmitted to the next person who uses the door handle, spreading disease.

How Anti Microbial Door Handles Work

With many organisms and viruses able to survive on surfaces for days and weeks, these can be a serious carrier of bacteria. When we say there’s “a bug going around”, they do not travel through the ether, but through specific touchpoints. By removing these touchpoints we reduce the risk of illness and downtime at home and at work. The door handles are coated with a surface which, rather than allowing germs to propagate, kills the germs while stopping them from multiplying. This reduces the bacterial load on the surface, greatly reducing the risk of transmission of disease to other door users.

SecuSan Anti Microbial Technology

Secusan is an antimicrobial surface that provides a high level of hygiene and safety. Independent laboratory tests show that it can immediately tackle germs, providing another layer of protection for you and others.

The Secusan surface is coated with silver ions. Silver actively destroys the cell membrane of germs and also helps to reduce the growth of bacteria, algae and fungi by more than 99%. The antimicrobial surface is guaranteed to be effective even up to 2 years even with regular cleaning, and the mechanism is guaranteed for a full 10 years of operation.

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