Airtight Sealing for Windows

Creating airtight sealing for windows to a high BER Standard is about taking care of the finer details. It may only take the tiniest gap to cause significant heat loss. This can create a draught, waste energy, and reduce the BER rating in your space.
Since the most vulnerable areas for thermal loss are around window and door frames, to prevent energy loss, it’s essential to have adequate materials to create a full air seal. In addition to window and door sealing, we also have a full range of professional airtightness products.

ALFA Fultra-I Fleece Tape

While foaming a window may provide insulation, it usually does not provide airtightness. Alfa Fultra-I Power tape creates a diffusion-resistant membrane around a space and can be implemented during a renovation as well as in new construction. This tape can be painted and plastered over, is suitable for the interior side only, and is manufactured in accordance with RAL and DIN 4108-7. The tape will allow you to easily create airtight sealing for the connecting joints (interior side) on doors and windows and when used in conjunction with the adhesive compound, will allow you to extend airtightness to brickwork.

The tape comes in various roll dimensions: seventy millimetres by twenty-five metres strips. One hundred millimetres by twenty-five metres, and one hundred and fifty millimetres by twenty-five metres. By using a range of options you can almost always ensure a good airtight seal around window frames and doors.

Airtight Sealing for Windows: ALFA DS 100 Elastic Adhesive Compound

Alfa DS 100 allows you to seal window connection tapes to the shell (including masonry), allowing for greater possibilities. It meets Energy Saving Ordinance standard requirements (EnEV and ZVDH) and is free of toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, chlorine and solvents. Suitable for indoor use, it is durable, is self-adhesive and can be applied quickly and easily to protect thermal insulation against humidity coming from the interior of the building. It can adhere to foils, kraftpaper, fleece, aluminium, wood and plaster.

If you plan to create airtight seals throughout the space, we also have other airtightness equipment available for other parts of the building. For specific questions or if you have a particular item you need sourced, you can reach us on 01–4536633